How to Choose a Floor Lamp

03 Aug


If you are considering buying a floor lamp, you might have a difficult time choosing one. The reason for this is that there is a wide selection of floor lamps you can choose from. There are ambient floor lamps, reading floor lamps, uplight and torchiere floor lamps, and arc floor lamps. Each of these floor lamps has its own unique aesthetic. You should choose a floor lamp that does not only look great, but it should also match the space you intend to put it in. Here are some other considerations when choosing a floor lamp.

Pagazzi Floor lamps also vary according to its cost. You can find low-cost floor lamps to lamps costing thousands of dollars. These expensive lamps are those that have intricate aesthetics or design pieces. And if you buy these types of lamp, it can also serve a decor purpose in your room, aside from being a source of lighting.

Floor lamps also vary in sizes. If you choose shaded or torchiere lamps which are tall kinds of lamps, they take up very little space in your room because of their vertical orientation. This makes it easy for them to fit into the space surrounding it. But arc floor lamps take up more space because of their horizontal extension. If you want to find the right size of Pagazzi floor lamp for your room, make sure that you know the amount of space you have to fit the floor lamp in.

You should also consider the height of the floor lamp. If you want a wide spread of light, then you should choose a high source of light. But this type of light is not good for task lighting where you want a light closer and more focused.

Make sure you consider the scale of everything else in the room. If your furniture is low, then make sure that the lamp you choose will not be too tall. There are floor lamps that come with adjustable heights. This can be very handy if you are someone to keeps on redesigning your rooms.

The floor lamp should have the light source concealed outside of your eye level. This can help avoid an uncomfortable glare. The light source should be covered by the shade if you are standing nearby.

Choose a floor lamp based on the type of lighting the room needs. You can choose from ambient, task, and accent lights. Shaded floor lamps can give you warm ambient lighting. A reading lamp is ideal if you want direct lighting to light up your reading chair with. Or if you just want to brighten up a corner and add some accent lighting, you will need a torchiere lamp. For more facts, visit

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